Thursday, January 7, 2010

Would you believe it?

hocolate covered potato chips! Who woulda thunk it. Certainly not I yet this is the best combo of two of my greatest vices all rolled into one! I was just telling a friend today that I could polish off bags and bags of potato chips if given the opportunity--I am a serious potato chip lover. I also melt at the site/smell of chocolate. Wow....this is truly a dream come true. But I wonder how it'll taste. I didn't understand the whole bacon-chocolate fad and I have a bar waiting for me to try in my kitchen. I guess there's no other way for me to know but to make it for myself.

{Photo courtesy of Bloom.acious Digs}


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  2. yeah...chips don't do it for me. but chocolate covered gummy bears. that is the death of me. :)

  3. this looks so good!! please make it and let me know cause i gotta try it! :)