Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easy Ways to Update your Outfit

he holiday season is upon us and I am already behind! Thanksgiving is next week and I have made no list of any sort. The sister and I sent out invites to our "Orphan Thanksgiving" and next we have to figure out our dishes.

During the holidays I always get the shopping bug. There are so many sales that it's hard to resist picking up a little something something for yourself, right? Well, I go a little nuts. I become obsessed with finding sales, getting the most for my money, buying, returning, and trying to get the perfect presents for loved ones My own holiday tradition consists of coupons, internet surfing, and, oh right, baking holiday goods for our doormen and friends before packing up the house and heading off West for Christmas and New Years.

Along with the holiday season comes a bunch of holiday parties as well. For me, I don't own a lot of trendy or dressy pieces. I also find it to be financially impractical to try to always trend up your outfits. I'm all about the classic, iconic pieces that can dress up almost any outfit, without costing an arm and a leg. You can pair a cheap pair of pants (Uniqlo and Forever 21 are my favs), with a simple top, and a statement piece accessory. Or a cute jacket or vest can spruce up almost any outfit.

Here are a few finds:

1. Sequin trim shift dress $149
2. Black poly faux shearling drape front jacket $124
3. Sleeveless draped sweater vest $70

Pair any of these with a great necklace, cocktail ring, or funky leggings and you're set!

p.s. love love LOVE #2

Monday, November 15, 2010

Guilty Purchase...

o I did something quite naughty this morning....but it wasn't irrational. Well, maybe it was, considering that I really don't need it, I'm trying very hard to save as much money as I can, I have tons of loans, and Christmas is just around the corner! Here is my justification (just because I need to make myself feel better): I worked very hard last week and this past Saturday, and I haven't really bought anything for myself in a while. I get deep buyer's remorse and end up returning everything. However, I did make a few splurges the last couple of weeks.....most of which i returned, one of which still needs to be determined....ok but let's not digress.

I did it. I love it. And it's on final sale so I CAN'T return it. Welcome home, Kate!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Once Wed: Whimsical French Wedding

elcome to my obsession with weddings. I love love weddings, especially those that really display the bride/groom's personal charm and taste. I myself am partial to the rustic french feel, with a twist of country, and a dash of homemade DIY accessories. I love it. It's personal and it's sentimental.

During one of my daily runs through some photography/wedding sites, I came across this beautiful wedding featured by Once Wed.

Sigh...isn't it just so romantic?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seasonal Scents

ne of my favorite things about the fall-heading-into-winter season (yes, I just made up my own season) is the smell of everything. Every season has a scent, and this one is no exception. While Fall reminds me of apples, pumpkin spices, and cinnamon, this in between time reminds me of trees, leaves, pine and the like. I try to keep this smell in my home at all times by finding the perfect candle to fit the mood. Note, I am obsessed with candles and must always have them in my apartment! If I didn't think it was highly dangerous to have candles in my office, I would most definitely light one up. My candle of the moment is Autumn, by Slatkin & Co., available for purchase at Bath and Body Works. The Boyfriend helped me pick this one up and we have received loads of inquiries on this scent!

Bath and Bodyworks usually has great sales, so do what I did and get 2 for the price of 1.

Archipelago also has some wonderful scents, but their candles are usually a bit pricier (around $24.50 for a 5 oz. candle).

And of course, Anthropologie carries a variety of amazing candles, packaged in the most charming holders. Love it.