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Hello, and thank you for visiting my cozy little corner of the world. The name "Jam & Tea" came about from the many years I spent thinking that jam, and tea, were actually compliments of each other. Similar to cream and coffee. Oftentimes I would brew some Earl Grey or English Breakfast and plop a spoonful of strawberry jam into the tea to sweeten it up. I genuinely believed this to be normal and dismissed all the funny looks. Whether this came from a misunderstanding of the lyrics from Do(e) a Deer, or from Angela's Ashes where Frank McCourt's mother would make him drink tea out of a jam jar, I will never know, but I have since learned the error of my ways and yet still believe that jam in fact does compliment tea, very well indeed.

This blog is meant to be a memoir of sorts of my culinary endeavors coupled with memories around the dinner table, and not as an instructional. It will also contain some of my random musings, selectively chosen so as not to bore you. Overall, it is simply a place where I exercise my two passions, cooking (eating, food, etc.) and writing. Neither of which may be very good, but both of which I love dearly.

Oh. And I like my eggs runny, my coffee black, and am a big fan of hearty breakfasts. What more is there to say, really. I hope you enjoy!

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