Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Boy...

hat a weekend. My first week of work has definitely not been stress free and the phrase "hit the ground running" has taken on a whole new meaning. It should be "hit the ground sprinting like a mad woman while wildly flaring her arms" cuz it's how I feel. I had a late night Wednesday night doing some research, went to the office early to do some more, worked until 2am on Friday, went to the office for a 16 hour shift on Saturday, 5 more hours on Sunday, and 1 hour today. Today wasn't so bad except it was supposed to be my day off and I woke up to many emails. Sigh. I really appreciate co-workers who write emails with some enthusiasm and I really despise curt ones. I think I'm way too sensitive to emails...something I must curb. So far my headache is at its height, I feel worn out and run down and I'm really hungry. I picked The Boyfriend up from the airport at 6am and we tried to shop in the city for some more work clothes. Boy was that a mistake! He ended up getting a $130 ticket and we were running very low on gas in midtown and could not find parking for our lives. I was starving (as usual) and was cranky until I had food in my belly. We also had to clean out my fridge that broke on Saturday and threw out SO much food! That was the saddest part of the weekend, having to toss out tons of fresh meat, Korean short ribs, veggies, a new large jar of Kimchi, etc. Sigh.

No serious complaints though...I was actually content with working because I felt involved and expected these hours. This week is going to be a doozy. Thanks for letting me vent.

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