Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Thing About Fall Is...

Fall is absolutely my most favorite season of the year. Here in NY fall lasts about 1.5 months, much too short to really really enjoy it. I already feel it slipping away and I'm trying very hard to hold on to as much of it as I can. Fall reminds of that line in "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan is walking through the streets of the Upper West Side, proclaiming to Tom Hanks (via email) that fall smells like newly sharpened pencils and books. That's how I feel. Fall smells like my something new and something fresh and something warm and cozy. Mmm. Here is my list (unfinished....just too many things to add) of things I love about fall:
1. Warm, hot, and spicy apple cider with a little bit of whip cream
2. Apple picking
3. Crisp air
4. Hiking outdoors
5. Foliage
6. Halloween!
7. Carving pumpkins
8. Fall clothes (sweaters, boots, scarves, anything tweed and wool!)
9. Fall scents like cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin, etc.
10. New beginnings

Anything else?

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