Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bicycle Beauty

After running across littlebrownpen's post entitled Bicycle + Wood = Cool Wood Bike, I couldn't stop myself from posting two times in a row and risk seeming like a blog obsessed....blogger. Once I saw these photos I was dying to tell somebody, anybody, of my love for bicycles, vintage ones with baskets in the front. And I love riding them. Something about the feeling of gliding with the wind blowing, almost escaping. Oddly enough I only ride on vacation. My sister, who also loves bikes, has accumulated and given away about 6 bikes over the years and she has graciously given me one. But something about riding in NYC on my really dirty and old bike doesn't seem as romantic. It's just not as satisfying. Regardless I have a love of bicycles, it makes me feel peaceful somewhere deep inside.

Anyway, this is great shot of a beautiful and unique bike that littlebrownpen took on the upper west side in NYC. It's nice to know that this one is riding around somewhere in my city. Maybe I'll run into it someday and we'll meet and can say hello properly instead of me just...obsessing over a photo.

Thank you, littlebrownpen, for taking such beautiful photographs that inspire me and make me happy.


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  2. i need a dingy old bicycle. riding a shiny new hybrid just doesn't have the same charm. plus my bike's a 29" so i tower over the world, but not in the fun "im a clown on a giant tricycle" kind of way..