Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

uerto Rico was amazing! The weather was gorgeous--lots of sun but not blistering heat. Our resort had it's own private beach and hammocks so we did a lot of laying around, but we definitely stuck in a few adventures as well. Horseback riding on the foothills of the Rain Forest, a dip in the river, kayaking in the ocean at night through a mangrove tree forest to the bio bay (if you touch the water it lights up!), and lots of laying out on the beach and seeing Old San Juan.

It was so refreshing being away but as always, I wish I had one more day! Being back home is good too, but I was met with a ton of emails from my new volunteer position. Exciting and interesting, but I wouldn't mind hanging at the beach a little more.

I used my "Recipe for a Comfortable Plane Ride" and it was quite a success! I also downloaded several podcasts and listened to them on the plane. All in all this trip was a great and much needed. I think the picture below captures it all...

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