Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping (and NY) frustrations

am so annoyed with Kate Spade. SO annoyed. I ordered a wallet from them a couple of weeks ago and everything went smoothly. Transaction completed, order shipped, tracking number sent. Then! Then I get an email from them saying that my order has been returned and processed! How? It already shipped! Turns out that it somehow got sent back and returned, despite the fact that 1) they did not inform me in advance 2) they neglected to tell me WHY, despite their "order cancellation" policy, and 3) when I called customer service, all the lady would say is "I do apologize" over and over again. I wanted to scream. And now they are out of stock and of course, I saw it in person and it's gorgeous.

Obviously, I am searching high and low to have one of my own. If I knew how to do a smiley face icon here, I would. But sadly, I will most likely not get it at the price I originally purchased it for.

On another note. I have a constant love-hate relationship with New York. There are so many things to love about this city, yet so many things to absolutely abhor. Like rush hour, subways during rush hour, subways during the summer and rush hour, subways when they stall under the tunnel during summer days and rush get my point.

But if I hear another parent hiss into their kid's ear, "I will slap you across the face if you don't shut up" one more time, I am going to just slap THEM across THEIR face and see if THEY shut up.


  1. yesterday, i was completely ecstatic because i thought i was lucky enough to score a rick owens leather jacket from the barney's sale. i even went to sleep dreaming about it. this morning, i woke up to an email saying that due to excessive orders, they were out of stock and mine was cancelled. so, i know how you feel. upset doesn't even begin describe the disappointment!

  2. I love Kate Spade but I totally understand your frustration. My sister once ordered a bag she loved from Kate Spade and a completely different bag arrived at her door. The people at KS said it was sold out so she just returned it. Then it showed back up on the site, so I ordered it. They sent the same wrong bag again. I don't even know if the bag actually ever existed other than in the picture.