Friday, December 3, 2010

Ebates Anyone?

oes anyone else out there use Ebates? The only people I know who use it are the people I've sent invites to. Well if you don't, this will be your online purchases lifesaver! I was introduced to it about...8 years ago (ish) and have been using it for online purchases ever since! Just log on, search for the site you want to go to, and purchase away! For every purchase you make through ebates, you receive 3% (or more) of your purchase back! It's not much, but it makes me feel less guilty about paying for shipping. Ebates will send you a check for your accrued amount every 3 months, as long as it's over $5. If it's under, they roll it over to the next check until you reach $5+. It's. Amazing. But don't forget, you MUST go to your website through ebates to get the credit!

Trust me, you'll love it. It's especially handy for the holiday sales as they usually increase the percentage back. And! You get $10 for your first purchase!

Let me know if you're interested and I can refer you! (and I get $5 for it). Happy shopping!

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