Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing...the Jam & Tea Cheese of the Month Club!

I have had this idea floating around my head for a bit and wanted to get it to paper and announce the Jam & Tea Cheese of the Month Club! I am a cheese fanatic...I have had a love affair with cheese for quite some time now, thanks to my father who exposed me very early on to Brie and Muenster. I know, Muenster is not really gourmet, but when you're about 7 and your cheese knowledge is as wide as the "yellow stuff", Muenster is pretty earth shattering. That and I thought it was called Monster -- you can see why my interest kicked in.

So I thought I'd try this little cheese club in the hopes of expanding my knowledge about cheeses --how they are made, the regions they come from, the history, the pairings, etc. It's all just for fun but now I can actually put my cheese books to use!

The plan is to pick 2 cheeses every month and to spend that month posting about my discoveries. You can join by taking a trip to your local store and picking out the same cheese as I do, or you can just read along. I want to start with 3 months, 6 cheeses. Should be interesting. For the next club, I'm thinking butters...I have heard amazing things about French butter!

Here are two of my favorite cheeses to start:

1) Monte Veronese, Italian

I have some cheese in mind that I am eager to try and will let you know as soon as I do!

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