Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Working Out--ugh

o I've been trying to get a little more work out into my life, as per doctor's recommendations. But the problem is that I really hate working out. I just do! It's really difficult for me to drag myself to the gym and want to exhaust myself running on a treadmill that leads to nowhere. I can think of other things I would like to do with my time say, blogging! Or reading! Or cooking! Alas, my doctor says that working out is a necessary part of life and that I must do it to strengthen my body and to de-stress. Honestly, working out does not de-stress me. I don't get that endorphin high that people love. I've tried yoga as well and wasn't really in love with it. Point is, I think one must "buy in" to these healthy lifestyles in order to really believe in their benefits and want to do more. I am not there yet. However, I AM into eating healthy. I'm not a super health nut, I don't eat organic or take lots of vitamins. But I definitely try to put in healthy alternatives into my diet when I can. Which brings me to this post. Self magazine has a list of 100 of the healthiest cities for women based on working out, food, etc. NYC is not even within that top 100 list. That's very sad. Find your city here to check your stats.

On a happier note, I found a list of 5 stress fighting super foods which may be helpful to us all.
1) Spinach: Contains magnesium, a mineral that blunts stress's effects on the body by stopping blood pressure from spiking.
2) Oranges: Tension can influence your immune system but vitamin C in citrus bolsters your body's cold fighters!
3) Chocolate: Contains pacifying powers. Cocoa boosts your body's levels of neurochemicals, which act on parts of the brain to help produce a sense of happiness.
4) Fish: Omega 3 Fatty acids can help quell anxiety. Halts surges of stress hormones when faced with stressful situations
5) Oatmeal: B vitamins in oats can stimulate production of serotonin, a key neutrotransmitter that sends soothing signals to your brain. You body digests oatmeal slowly so you absorb serotonin steadily.

Definitely going to keep this list for when I start work!

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