Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Strolls and What Happens on Them...

ntil recently, I have not been one for strolls. They sound lovely and peaceful but I'm a very goal oriented person and living in NYC, if I'm walking I'm usually headed somewhere. I do enjoy the occasional strolling around and window shopping, taking a nice hike, etc but those are far and few in between (except the window shopping). I will say that I am a big walker partly because I live in the city and partly because I detest subways. I'd rather walk the 20 blocks if I have the time than to take the train. I also enjoy walking through parks and seeing the foliage, summer strolls along the promenade and attending fairs. But again, this is far and few in between and thus, am a non stroller.

Lately I've been walking to the hospital a lot since my increased visits at the doctor's and I'm forced to walk because parking is horrendous. I walk along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights and what I had cast off as a busy street with nothing to see I now adore and enjoy my visits. The street is filled with charming little shops with lots of unique goods. I always stop off at Trader Joe's (I know, not so unique but still special) and get suckered into buying things to try on new recipes. Today I also visited the Atlantic Bookshop where I purchased several used books, including one for the Boyfriend. Afterwards I stopped off at Sahadi's, a gourmet food store with a wide variety of foods from all over the world. I picked up a fresh baked multi grain bread that brought out the comfort side of food when toasted and buttered. I also checked on the cost of peppermint extract for a friend who is making peppermint bark for the Holidays. I also spotted a great little store that I will make a point to stop off at next time I'm around, a shop called Two for the Pot. From what I've read on Yelp, they have a great selection of teas and coffees with a very knowledgeable owner. I'm really excited to stop by and put my new teaposy pot to use!

All in all it was a nice, peaceful, and fulfilling day. The Boyfriend and I are making more of an attempt to re-connect and I know for me, a restful but productive day with lots of small discoveries and adventures makes me a happier person and that is helpful. Especially when he has stressful days full of some incorrigible kids (like how I used "incorrigible"? Sound of music reference!)
{photo courtesy of Livia Patta, All the Things We Do are Pin-Up Sweet}

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