Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friends and Family Sale at Bloomies!

very time I think of the word "Bloomies," I think of the Friends episode where Rachel is at a party and Danny (the yetti) tries to set her up with someone. When Rachel tells him that she works at Bloomingdales he says to her, "My mom calls it Bloooomiieess." Do you know what I'm talking about?
Anyway, here to announce Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale!! 20% off almost everything and anything in the store! So if there's something you've been lusting after, swooning about, and drooling with desire for, now is your chance! I haven't been shopping at all since this past March (although I did buy a pair of jeans from Old Navy and I'm sure some random doo dads) and this was my prime opportunity. Carpe Diem! Viva la France! I'm getting carried away.
Anyway I purchased some Marc by Marc sunnies for $64 and I will also be purchasing a wallet or bag for a good friend of mine as she has been extremely generous with me and providing free treatments for my headaches. I'm also thinking of something else for me as a "you passed the bar!" gift. I always told myself that I'd buy me a real adult gift when I passed...and I think a watch is quite adult....but finances are tight my friends so we'll see. Enjoy! (you can use it online)

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