Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love interior decorating. I don't really know where it comes from, but I was obsessed with Domino Magazine when it was in circulation and wanted to cry when they stopped (they really shouldn't have, I think that was an awful call by Conde Nast). I think it has to do with my never ending need to nest. I lived a large part of my post 17 years old life not really feeling like I had a home, or a place to call my own, and now, when I get the chance I try to make my space my sanctuary (sort of). I used to live in a room at my dad's friend's apartment during my college summers and I just hated that unsettled feeling. Like, huh? I'm living out of your friend's family's apartment? So I literally tore down everything on the walls, plastered any holes, bought new shelves and curtains and just went to town.

Needless to say, after moving in with my wonderful husband, the itch is back, full on. We put the redecorating off for a few months since we didn't really know where we were going to end up, but life is too short to keep waiting, and it literally affects my insides. Here are some of our recent purchases.

Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel in super large. My 5'11 husband can lay down flat on it and still have room!

Colette King Bed from Crate and Barrel. Again, huge. Why we have furniture for giants in our Brooklyn apartment is beyond me. Thankfully we have a fairly large 1 bedroom that we get for a steal, but if we ever have to move, we're in trouble!

The Circle Rug in Platinum from West Elm. We were able to get this one on sale, but Oliver the cat has been going nuts on it! Pretty soon there will only be patches of grey.

The Ion Glass Round Coffee Table from West Elm. We saw this at the West Elm in Dumbo and semi fell in love with it. But it was $299 and felt small, not exactly worth the money in my opinion. In my head I had a round dark wood table in mind. But we went to the West Elm outlet this weekend and found this table again for $135. I couldn't decide so the husband pulled the trigger on a final sale and voila! It's beautiful.

Super duper cute curtains from Target. We have sheer white curtains in between the two grey panels above since our windows are quite wide. I almost paid 3 times the amount for West Elm ones, glad I waited!

Next is the Billy bookcase from Ikea for the living room. I'm REALLY excited about this one. It's black/brown.

Also need this 8 dresser Hemnes drawer from Ikea for the bedroom.

And...I just saw these lamps that I love on Rue La La. No, Sharon, no!

That's all folks. I'll post pics of our digs once we're done remodeling. Hopefully that won't be TOO long.

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